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Do you have a holiday home or cabin in a remote area? Is there an existing outhouse on your property that is no longer being used? If so, contact a contractor who is knowledgeable about outhouses Longcroft. Simply describe your project in the space below and then sit back while we connect you with professionals who fit your needs precisely.
Why Outhouses? Many people are surprised to find out that outhouses are still being used. They can be ideal solutions for a number of situations including:

• Primitive guest cottages or cabins that do not have an adequate supply of running water
• Remote campgrounds that must provide toilet facilities for a number of people
• Construction sites so that workers have access to restroom facilities
• Farmland, so that those working in the fields do not have to return to a central location in order to use the restroom
• Composting toilets could be used in the city to help reduce one's water consumption
Outhouses are Growing in Popularity Again: While you may still view an outhouse as an antiquated, pre-plumbing toilet, the truth is that they provide a lot of convenience in several different scenarios. What's more, the plumbing and technologies used in today's outhouses can make them just as comfortable as indoor bathrooms. It's vital that you ensure your outhouse meets local Longcroft building regulations, but that's one of the reasons why it's recommended that you hire a professional contractor. These individuals have the experience and knowledge required to help you obtain the necessary permits and build an outhouse that meets all the requirements.
Converting Longcroft Outhouses: Not only are people still building outhouses, but many of these structures are still standing. If you have an outhouse on your property, you may have considered tearing it down; however, it can easily be converted into a more usable structure fairly inexpensively. Some common uses for old outhouses include tool sheds, chicken coops, or greenhouses. Contractors who specialise in converting old outhouses are careful to remove all waste and seal the pit to ensure they are safe and sanitary to inhabit.
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Longcroft outhouse conversion costsThings to Consider when Building: If you're planning to build outhouses Longcroft, one of the things you may want to consider is the number of people who might use the structure. When the outhouse is located at a campground or church, you could anticipate that the outhouse might be used by several people, which means you might want to make a separate facility for men and another for women. If children would be using the outhouse, you might want the seat to be somewhat lower so they can be more comfortable when using it.
Considerations when Renovating Longcroft Outhouses: If you plan to renovate an old outhouse, you'll first want to make sure that waste is disposed of and that the pit is sealed. You may want to move the outhouse to another location if it would serve its new purposes better elsewhere. If the structure is being used for chickens, some vents may need to be cut in order to allow for better airflow to take place. You may also want to add windows if you are using the structure for a greenhouse or storage shed.
Longcroft Outhouse Sizes and Features: Older outhouses are usually the size of small closets, with barely enough room for one person. These days, though, things are much different. Outhouses can include not only a comfortable toilet area, but also a fully-functional sink, complete with running water. These are perfect for outdoor garden spaces that are located far away from your main home, or they even make great additions for guest homes with outdated outhouses located in the vicinity. Many homeowners choose to install outhouses in parts of their yard they use for entertaining, such as near gazebos, conservatories, and more. They are also often necessary for those running campsites or outdoor activities.
Longcroft Outhouse Costs Building: Some of the factors that can influence the cost of your newly constructed outhouse are the size and number of seats inside the structure. An outhouse can be made from wood, steel or vinyl, and wood is generally the cheapest material used to construct these buildings. Adding features such as interior locks or solar lights can also raise the cost slightly, though not enough to make a significant difference.
Longcroft Outhouse Costs Renovation: Several things can play a part in the cost of Longcroft outhouse conversions, and the biggest one is the condition of the building. If extensive repairs are needed, this could drive up the cost of renovation considerably. If you are moving the outhouse from one location to another, this could also increase your bottom line. Outhouses that already have their pits sealed will cost less to convert, since this important task has already been taken care of. The addition of special features such as vents, skylights, or windows will add to the cost of converting an outhouse, although it will still likely cost less than constructing a new building from scratch.
Obtaining Building Permits: Because an outhouse will require the storage and disposal of waste products, you'll need to be sure to obtain the proper permissions before you start construction. If you live within city limits, you may not be allowed to install an outhouse at all. Conversely, if you live on a farm, or if you own a primitive campsite, an outhouse may be ideal and obtaining permits is often not difficult. However, there are codes that will apply to your outhouse, so it's important for you to find and follow these carefully. Your contractor should be able to provide you with further direction and information.
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Your Longcroft outhouse questions answered
  • Why do I need an outhouse? Outhouses are an easy to install option for campsites, cabins that do not have indoor plumbing, or as an option for permanent or semi-permanent worksites. They can be a great tool for anyone who wants to build in the wilderness but does not want to tear up the landscape to install plumbing.
  • Why should I install an outhouse instead of just renting a Porta-loo? Porta-loos are easily tipped over, and filled with caustic and disgusting chemicals. Outhouses, on the other hand, use natural bacteria to dissolve solid waste. This can actually be beneficial to the surrounding environment, as it acts as a natural fertilizer.
  • How much does it cost to install an outhouse? Outhouses are fairly inexpensive, since they don't really require anything more than a hole in the ground. You can purchase fully constructed outhouses for less than 200 and place them wherever they are needed.
  • How often do outhouses need to be emptied and/or moved to a new location? This depends on how many people will be using the outhouse. There is no real timeline for something like this. Once the hole under the outhouse is full, it is simply filled in with dirt and the outhouse is moved to a new location, once a new hole is dug.
  • Where can outhouses be constructed? They may be constructed in parks and campgrounds that do not have running water. Outhouses may also be placed on farms to make it convenient for workers to take restroom breaks, or near remote hunting and fishing cabins.
  • Are there modern outhouses these days? Outhouses are still based on the same premise they were years ago, but modern amenities have made them much more comfortable and bearable. For example, it's possible to run electricity to your outhouse for modern lighting, add insulation for comfort, and perhaps even add a heating, cooling, and ventilation unit, as well.
  • Is an outhouse just a toilet? It can be, but that isn't always the case. Older outhouses consisted of a wooden shelter of sorts with very little ventilation and a hole for holding waste. These days, outhouses can contain flushable toilets, sinks, light fixtures, and even heating or cooling, depending on your wants and needs.
  • How far should an outhouse be from my home? There aren't any real rules for the proper location of an outhouse if it meets all of the regulations associated with plumbing, electricity, and ventilation. Most homeowners prefer to build outhouses in inconspicuous parts of their plots, but in areas that are still convenient for their use. For those running campsites the outhouse may be some distance away from their homes, but convenient to paying guests.
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